Last Date of Revision: 19th June 2022


At Tejji we recognize that privacy is important. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products and services offered by website


In case you have any question regarding privacy policy, feel free to contact us using our website or email us at [email protected].

How information is collected

In order to provide you access to products, services & network we collect personal information. Most of the time you can choose the information that is provided to us. Below are some of the ways information is collected

Account registration

Most of the access is available without account. For some of the information account registration is required during which we collect your personal information

Automatically collected information

We receive information from your devices when you access our sites. This information is collected from browser or mobile apps.

Information collected from third parties

We may collect and share information with thrid parties to provide you better quality service. For example to provide you region specific information we might receive location information from you which may be exchanged with third party provider (e.g., maps provider) for better services We use third party analytics services who might be collecting your personal information

Information we receive and how we use it

Our offering have services that do not require you to register yourself at Tejji and create an account or provide any personal information to us, such as Apps. However to provide you with services, we may collect the following types of information:

  • Information provided by you – In case when you register yourself for a Tejji account, you are been asked for personal information like your name, email address, password etc. And in some case we my ask you details like your address etc. We may combine these information you provide on Tejji with other Tejji services or third parties in order to improve our quality of services. This information we collect we do not knowingly share it with third party without your consent. However we may provide aggregate statistics about our visitors to thrid parties, but these statistics will not include personally identifiable information. However there are some information that are being share with you and our other visitiors which are mentioned below.

    Information that is shared

    This information relates to your score history which includes following:

    • Your visit data like telemetry information
    • Inputs received from you while using website
    • Your scores for apps like typing test, games etc.
    • Time and date of activity performed by you on the website, app
    • IP address, browser and location information
    • Any information that you have voluntarily provided to us

  • Cookies – During your visit to Tejji, we or third parties may send you one or more cookies. These cookies are small files that contains string of characters. These cookies are used to store user specific information like user preferences which helps us provide you your preference specific services. By this way we improve the quality of our services.
  • Information Stored – During your visit to Tejji services, our servers automatically stores information that your browser sends. This inforamtion includes things like your ip address, your scores, cookies related information etc.
  • Communication Messages – When you send an email or other forms of communications to Tejji, we may retain a copy of those communication in order to process the request appropriately.
  • Affiliated Services – We offer services on other sites. In case if service requires combining personal information then it is been collected from Tejji to provide you available service. On such information privacy polices mentione here applies. Affiliated parties operate under differen privacy setting. We encourage your to go through privacy policies of such sites.
  • Gadgets – We offer services like gadgets which you can place it on your sites or find it on third party sites. These part of services are governed by privacy policy mentioned here. However information collected by third party where our service are available might be goverened by their privacy policies
  • Geographic Location – We offer services where we detect your geographic location. This location related information may be accurate or approximate represenation of your actual location.
  • Other Sites – We may provide links to other sites or other sites may link to us. The privacy policy mentioned here applies to products and services offered by Tejji only. We do not have any control on the third parties who host services offered by Tejji. The privacy policy of theirs may apply on their sites.

The personal information collected by Tejji are governed by privacy policy mentione here. These information are used for the purposes which includes:

  • Providing our services
  • Research and analysis in order to protect and improve our services
  • Development of existing or new services
  • Ensuring continuouing function of our sites
  • The information related to scores mentioned above is shared with other user of the sites.

The personal information may be processed in any part of the world.

Protection on Information

Information that we collect from you are governed by the privacy policy mentioned here. If we intend to use it differetly then we will seek your consent for the same.

If you decline to provide some of the mandatory information then you would not be able to use some of our services.

In case if you do not want us to use the information for the purpose intended to then we would try our best to provide you with the mechanism to opt out those information from being used in particular manner. Kindly refer to contact link below to contact us regarding the same

Sharing of Information

Information collected from your are being share only in following cases.

  • You have agreed to share such information or we have your consent
  • Such information is processed by third party who have published their privacy policies
  • We have reason to believe that the preservation or disclosure of such information is nessary to
    • Legal requirements enforced by respective government
    • Protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of Tejji, its users or the public as permitted by law

Please contact us if you have further clarification regarding sharing of information.

Changes to Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy mentioned here may change time to time. In case of changes we will try our best not to reduce the protection level of your information from current level. However me may change the policy without your consent. Last date of change will be mentioned in the document.

If you have any concerns with respect to Privacy Policy then please feel free to write to us through this website.

Thank you for you attention.