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IP Tools application provides you with IP related utilities like finding your IP Address, MAC Address, Geographic Location, Browser Capabilities. Additional utilities includes converting IP Address to IP Number.

The tools shows your geographic location using Google Maps

Free IP gadget for your website
Copy the code to your web page or blog Output
Show IP Address Only
Show Location
Show IP
Show Country
Show Region (State)
Show City
Show Latitude
Show Longitude
Show Host Name
Show IP Number
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Time & Date shows time in different timezones around the world. A snapshot can be seen in the form of  World Clock  and and more details are available for individual cities in  Current Time . The cities can be searched easily by entering the city names
Different countries have different ways to represent Postal codes. Some call it Zip Codes (e.g., United States) and some call it PIN Codes (e.g., India) and others go by Postal Codes. The site provides a mechanism to search major part of the world for the postal codes. Use this to get right postal code for a place and send mails at right place
Improve your typing speed by regularly taking typing test and track your performance history over a period of time. Typing Test shows you how much productivity you can gain if you improve you typing speed from low wpm (words per minute) to higher wpm.

Additionally you can play typing related games that help you learn to type a fun.

If you are completely new to typing you can learn the fingers to be used for each key on keyboard by using Learn To Type link.
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