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Usage of terms

Loan amount can be outstanding amount

Loan Term is the term of your loan for the given loan amount. If you are using outstanding for the loan amount then use remaining term for the loan

Payable indicates at what frequency you are making the installment payments. Usually it is every month payment. In such case you can select monthly

Annual Interest Rate is the interest rate per annum. Even when you might be paying it monthly installments usually interest rates are per annum. If your interest rate is per month then convert it to per annum interest by multiplying it by 12
e.g., say your interest rate is 1% per month then you can convert it to annual as 1% x 12 = 12%. This is simple way to calculate however to be accurate you need to apply compounding formula

Mortgage payment is your installment which you have to pay on you loan. It can be monthly payment depending upon your payment term