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Thin Scroll Bar Thin Scroll Bar

Thin Scroll Bar to increase screen space for little more visibility. It is thin to show current position on the document

Refresh Monkey Refresh Monkey

Automatically refresh a page at set interval. Monitor the page for a change and get notified in case of change. And more............

Cookie Manager Cookie Manager

Manage cookies and protect privacy. Add, edit and delete cookies through toolbar. Search cookies if there are many

Talk to Type Talk to Type

Talk to type. Simple. To type into text box use the mic icon while speaking and it populates the text box automatically. Have fun

Bookmarks Bookmarks

Opens Bookmarks tab in single click from toolbar and context menu. Options available to change icon, use custom icon, remove menu item

history History

Opens History tab in single click from toolbar and context menu. Options available to change icon, use custom icon, remove menu item

Tab List Tab List

List all the tabs vertically and search through the list. Know the time since the url is been accessed and close the tab if required

download Download

Opens the download window in single click

Extension Extension

Opens Extensions tab in single click. Simple. Options available to change icon and add/remove context menu item

ChromeAbout ChromeAbout

Access to chrome://, about: and view shortcuts. Options available to change icon and access from context menu

Blackout Blackout

Darkens the screen in a click and restores it back in a click. The black color helps in saving energy and preventing information loss

OpenIn OpenIn

Open link in new tab or new window in single click. On move over the link the popup will show up for easy navigation

Click to Tab Click to Tab

Click on a link to open it in new tab instead of opening it in current tab. Option available to disable this feature

Scroll Button Scroll Button

Scroll to top or bottom of document using scroll button in a click. The button is draggable and resizable for easy positioning .

world clock World Clock

Show time in different parts of World in single screen. The time shown is local time in respective time zone

Address of IP Address Address of IP Address

Get address of ip address in the form of city, state & country. Across the world it finds the address by ip address

Postal Code Postal Code

Find postal code for large number of countries across the world. Drill down from Country to State to County to City to Zip Code


Gets IP address of your system in one click. The IP address shown is the one visible over the internet. Shows physical map of ip too

Domain to IP Domain to IP

Converts domain name to ip address in single click. The same can be used to convert URL to IP too.

Zip Code Zip Code

Determine zip code for cities in more than 60 countries. By default it is estimate of my postal code with ability to search

Current Time Current Time

Gets current time in any city in the world. By default it is my current time with daylight savings if applicable

Open URLs Open URLs

Opens multiple urls at once in new tab. This url opener can open series of url in single click.


Generates GUID - Global Unique Identifier. Also know as UUID - Universally Unique Identifier. A GUID is 16-byte (128-bit) number

Browser Capability Browser Capability

Detect browser capabilities like support for Flash, Scripts, Frames, Tables, Applets, JavaScript, ActiveX, Mobile Devices, CDF etc.

My IP Address My IP Address

My IP address extension determine current IP address in single click. It shows local and external internet protocol address.

Format Javascript Format Javascript

The extension provide Javascript developer a tool to decompress the minified javascript. Minify javascript and use it to uncompress.

Vanilla Tab Vanilla Tab

Sets new tab to blank tab. Have a fresh start every tab. Vanilla tab.

No Scroll Bars Please! No Scroll Bars Please!

Remove the scroll bars and increase the screen space. Scroll feature works normal using middle mouse buttons and keyboard arrow keys

Scroll Bar 1 (Blue) Scroll Bar 1 (Blue)

A Blue color rounded corner scroll bar.

URL Parameters URL Parameters

Breakdown the long URL into page address and URL parameters. Change the URL parameters and rejoin it to create new URLs.

How to of the day How to of the day

Learn and have fun with how to of the day. Start every day with new article, new learning. Have fun

Close Tabs Close Tabs

Context menu to close - tabs to the left, tabs to the right, other tabs, tabs from same domain, current tab, window and more


Up-in-Go show links to move up in the directory based on current URL. Or navigate by dropping each query string parameters in URL

Simple Calendar Simple Calendar

Simple Vista like Calendar and old analog clock in browser window

Check All Check All

Check All checkboxes in current tab. Other options available are Uncheck all, Inverse checks, Restict checks to particular element

Earthquake Earthquake

Get Earthquake notification for the Earthquakes happening around the world. Map available to see the visual representation

XPath XPath

Get XPath of element on click. It shows multiple versions of XPath & CSS Path to pick and choose the one that fit individual needs

Traffic Rank Traffic Rank

Shows Alexa Traffic Rank into the toolbar. No clicks required. Traffic rank includes 1 month, 3 month & 7 day, 1 day if available

Settings Settings

Direct access to Settings pages inside Chrome. Options available to change icon and access from context menu

Groupon Groupon

Daily deals from Groupon for USA and Canada. Search the locations and find all available deals for the location

Y mail Y mail

Quick access to Yahoo! Mail™ and other Yahoo!™ Services like news, weather, messenger...

H mail H mail

Quick access to Hotmail™ from browser in a click. Other MSN™ services included are news, weather, sports...

A mail A mail

Quick access to AOL ™ email from browser in a click. Other AOL ™ services included are music, mapquest..

Show Frame Show Frame

Shows frame as a page instead of within a page. It can be opened in current, new tab, new window incongito window

Skip Big Skip Big

Skips the BigResource ™ and moves automatically to original page. Thus providing quick access to original source

New Additions New Additions

Quick access to New Additions (newest) in web store for all the categories including Apps, Extensions, Themes.....

Count Tabs Count Tabs

Count of tabs opened across all the browser windows. If the tabs are more then it is time to close some & improve system performance

Count Windows Count Windows

Count of windows opened of Chrome browser. If the windows are more then it is time to close some & improve system performance

Join Windows Join Windows

Joins two or more windows into single window. Popups are also merged into the window as they are created. More options available....

Recycle Bin Recycle Bin

Remembers closed tab so that it can be revisited later. It works accross browser windows. Various other options available too.......

URL Encoder Decoder URL Encoder Decoder

Encode / Decode URL or text instantly.

PAD Submitter PAD Submitter

Submits PAD (Portable Application Description) files to various sites that accept PAD files. Semi-automatic for captacha based sites

FB Logout FB Logout

Unhide the Logout link and bring it to Blue color header bar

Show Sign Out Show Sign Out

Unhide the Sign Out link and bring it to top right corner for easy sign out. Option available to disable the feature

Apps for Google Chrome™

Extension Extension

Opens Extensions tab in single click. Simple. Options available to add/remove context menu item