Take free Typing Test and improve your typing speed by taking it consistently. If you login to the site then it keeps track of your typing score so that you can see you performance over a period of time. Happy Typing!
Typing Games provides you with the fun way of learning to type. The score of the game are been store for you to keep track of your performance over a period of time and see the improvement of typing speed yourself.
If you are new to typing and don't know what fingers to use for which keys on the keyboard then this is the place for you where in you can learn to type by identifying appropriate fingers to be used for each key on keyboard. The tutorial is design such a way that it give you learning in visual form.
Score is the place where you can keep track of your performance. It also displayes scores for your Typing Test and Games. A benchmarking is done to show you the relative performance with respect to average on the site.
You can invite your friends or challenge them to compete with you so that you improve your speed with your friends.
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