Open Multiple URLs at Once in New Tab

  • Copy and Paste all URLs in text box below. Ensure each url is in single line.
  • Click Submit button
  • Notes
    • Your browser should support tabs
    • Opening large number of URLs at once may slow down your computer
    • To enable opening urls in new tab you need to ensure settings provided below
  • For Internet Explorer
    • Click Tools ► Click Internet Options ► Under General ► Under Tabs ► Click Settings ► Under " When a pop-up is encountered: " ► Select "Always open pop-ups in a new tab"
  • For Firefox
    • Click Tools ► Click Options... ► Select Tabs ► Check "Open new window in a new tab instead"
  • For Safari
    • Click Tools ► Click Preferences... ► Select Tabs ► Select "Open pages in tabs instead of windows: Automatically"

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