Calculate Mortgage and loan payment and see the schedule of payment with the split of principal and interest components

Generate random lottery number for most of the lotteries in the world

Compare money transfer provider rates to send money from US to India

Calculate tip amount based on amount, number of people and tip percent

Convert from one currency to another and create and share custom set of currency conversions

Convert Annual Percent Rate to Annual Percent Yield based on various compounding methods ranging from daily to yearly

Computes the Net Present Value of the future cash flows based on given discounted rate and period

Calculate future value of present asset or cash based on potential interest rate and inflation

Calculate Percentage value by applying percentage on an amount. Also calculates final amount by adding percent amount

Computes the Sales Tax given the Cost / Prices of goods or services and the applicable tax amount.

Visually appealing simple calculator! can be used with mouse or keyboard


Generates typos of a word. Typos are the misspelled word. Various options available to generate large variety of typos. The options include skipped letters, repeated letters, lines without spaces, swapped letters, missed by differet letter and extra letters in a word. Most of these options have futher tweaks to generate more typos

Instantly Encode and Decode URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Converts from ASCII or Unicode to Base64 by encoding the text and back from Base64 to ASCII or Unicode by decoding it

Encode HTML to show it in the HTML pages a code instead of rendered HTML. Decode HTML to convert it back to HTML code

Extract Text from HTML code and make the content more readable than code

Count the letters in the text. Also provide information related to number of non-whitespace characters, words and lines

Pick Color with various kinds of color pickers. Multiple options to choose color in HTML format are available.

Improve search engine visibility by creating meta tags for your web pages. One more step towards SEO optimization

Convert links / URLs to Hyperlinks so that those are clickable as well as you can use Right Click and Save As...

Create or edit bookmarklets to perform certain tasks on any web page. Insert custom scripts into pages while browsing


Computes Love compatibility between two names based on letters and words. Just for fun!

Play Sudoku for free. Different levels of difficulty available are Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Extreme. You can also print many sudokus at the same time.

The app can be used to automatically refresh any web page at set frequency. One can change the frequency at which auto refresh of the page happens. Default refresh rate is 60 seconds. There are been many instance when we want to perform page refresh frequently to keep track of certain things like football score, circket score, stock price, weather etc. In such scenarios this app comes handy. It does not require any installation. Just copy paste the url and hit Enter. Simple.

Computes age as of today given birth date. Additionally it calculates age on any other date different from today.

Compose and send email using your favorite email provider. Ability to use custom email provider is also possible. Following fields can be set To, Cc, Bcc, Subject & Body

Show today's day. Simple! Additionally shows calendar to determine day of any other date

Provides a wiki based list of urls of websites that accepts PAD files. Wiki page is available for more information about Portable Application Description The list can be edited by you. Following are the ways you can edit the list.

  • Add new submit page url
  • Valid Score - Higher the score means more people think that it is a valid url and vice versa
  • Easy Score - Easy score indicates that the website does not need additional effort like Sign Up, Captcha or Backlink.
  • Captcha Score - Site requires Captcha
  • Login Score - Site requires Sign Up
  • Backlink Score - Site requires a reciprocal link
  • Openid based authentication is required to edit the list of submt URLs to submit PAD files

Test internet download speed by downloading image from any of your frequently visited sites. Provide image link and size for test


Calculate area of a circle given any of the following, radius, diameter or circumference and vice versa

Compute area of triangle given base and height of triangle or all three sides of triangle. Also computes side of triangle given others

Compute volume of a cylinder given radius of base and height of the cylinder.

Calculates sides of right angled triangle using Pythagoras Theorem Calculator. Give two sides, third can be computed using this.

Convert Arabic numbers to Roman Numeral and vice versa!

Based on statistics collected from different users of Count Tabs & Count Windows extensions an average set of tabs in Chrome browser is computed. This can help user to know average among other users and undertand whether their usage is above average or below average.

Computes surface area of sphere based on given radius of the sphere. Also calculates Volume.