I wanted to build application on web which other can use it and improve on their skills thus this web application. This application will help you improve your typing speed and increase productivity. Here is the simple analysis....

Current speed : 20 wpm (words per minute)
Daily typing time : 10 hours per week

If you practice and increase your typing speed to following then see the effect below.

Increased speed : 30 wpm
Daily typing time : 10 hours per week
Time saved : 3.3 hours per week  OR
                        7.2 days per year

Increased speed : 40 wpm
Daily typing time : 10 hours per week
Time saved : 5 hours per week OR
                        10.8 days per year

Another set of web based service that this site provide is related to IP Address. You can know lot more about you IP address with the tool provided on the site. For example you can know which contries you are visiting during your travel also, it shows you your approximate location on the site.

Tejji IP is site where you can find tool that will help you with IP related efforts. Some of the examples include detecting ip address, mac address, browser capabilities etc.

My IP Address link shows external IP address as well as internal ip address. Conversion of IP address to ip number will also be displayed. This help in identifying the country for which ip is allocated.

Further if you are travelling you can keep track of you ip as well as locations you have been visiting through some of the tools available here.

I tried looking for sites which can help me identify my MAC address without much of commands that I need to run for the same. It was difficult for me to find such a site thus I thought of writing one myself to server visitors. And I ended up writing one here.

Browser Capabilities provides snapshot of features supported by browsers through which site is been visited.

I would love to have your feedback and seek ways to improve the site such that it help you more. My sincere request to you ... please drop by your feedback on following link feedback .

Thanks in advance.