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Browser Capability by .NET (Server)

1Use Optimized Cache KeyTrue
3Clr Version0.0
7Major Version0
8Minor Version String0
9Minor Version0
11Ecma Script Version0.0
12M S Dom Version0.0
13W3 C Dom Version0.0
20Requires Control State In SessionFalse
23V B ScriptFalse
24Java ScriptFalse
25Java AppletsFalse
26J Script Version0.0
27Active X ControlsFalse
28Background SoundsFalse
30Mobile Device ManufacturerUnknown
31Mobile Device ModelUnknown
32Gateway VersionNone
33Gateway Major Version0
34Gateway Minor Version0
35Preferred Rendering Typehtml32
36Preferred Rendering Mimetext/html
37Preferred Image Mimeimage/gif
38Screen Characters Width80
39Screen Characters Height40
40Screen Pixels Width640
41Screen Pixels Height480
42Screen Bit Depth1
43Is ColorFalse
44Input TypetelephoneKeypad
45Number Of Softkeys0
46Maximum Softkey Label Length5
47Can Initiate Voice CallFalse
48Can Send MailTrue
49Has Back ButtonTrue
50Renders Wml Do Accepts InlineTrue
51Renders Wml Selects As Menu CardsFalse
52Renders Breaks After Wml AnchorFalse
53Renders Breaks After Wml InputFalse
54Renders Break Before Wml Select And InputFalse
55Requires Phone Numbers As Plain TextFalse
56Requires Url Encoded Postfield ValuesFalse
57Renders Breaks After Html ListsTrue
58Requires Unique Html Input NamesFalse
59Requires Unique Html Checkbox NamesFalse
60Supports CssFalse
61Hides Right Aligned Multiselect ScrollbarsFalse
62Is Mobile DeviceFalse
63Requires Attribute Colon SubstitutionFalse
64Can Render Onevent And Prev Elements TogetherTrue
65Can Render Input And Select Elements TogetherTrue
66Can Render After Input Or Select ElementTrue
67Can Render Post Back CardsTrue
68Can Render Mixed SelectsTrue
69Can Combine Forms In DeckTrue
70Can Render Setvar Zero With Multi Selection ListTrue
71Supports Image SubmitFalse
72Requires Unique File Path SuffixFalse
73Requires No Break In FormattingFalse
74Requires Leading Page BreakFalse
75Supports Select MultipleTrue
76Supports BoldFalse
77Supports ItalicFalse
78Supports Font SizeFalse
79Supports Font NameFalse
80Supports Font ColorTrue
81Supports Body ColorTrue
82Supports Div AlignTrue
83Supports Div No WrapFalse
84Requires Content Type Meta TagFalse
85Requires DBCS CharacterFalse
86Requires Html Adaptive Error ReportingFalse
87Requires Output OptimizationFalse
88Supports Accesskey AttributeFalse
89Supports Input I StyleFalse
90Supports Input ModeFalse
91Supports I Mode SymbolsFalse
92Supports J Phone SymbolsFalse
93Supports J Phone Multi Media AttributesFalse
94Maximum Rendered Page Size2000
95Requires Special View State EncodingFalse
96Supports Query String In Form ActionTrue
97Supports Cache Control Meta TagTrue
98Supports UncheckTrue
99Can Render Empty SelectsTrue
100Supports Redirect With CookieTrue
101Supports Empty String In Cookie ValueTrue
102Default Submit Button Limit1
103Supports Xml HttpFalse
104Supports CallbackFalse
105Maximum Href Length10000

Browser Capability by Modernizr (Client)

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